Season #4 - Finished!


All games hit the deadline. Unfortunately this time we had a lot of walkover games.
Anyway these people are the winners:

INSTAGIB #2 -1v1:
1st place – ZYGA
2nd place – roon
3rd place – shNoodle

TDM 2v2 division 1:
1st place – team Z (roon, xaw)
2nd place – team Y (LuCzadoreq, Simson)
3rd place – team W (Hardiel, Logic)

TDM 2v2 division 2:
1st place – team A (RED, Marty)
2nd place – team D (bass, Gib@n)
3rd place – team C (LuXuS, Nick>) and team E (dolar, On3sgh3p)

TDM 3v3:
1st place – team 6 (Hardiel, Logic, rychu)
2nd place – team 4 (Simson, xaw, bass)
3rd place – team 1 (4Bidden, RED, SoPel)

Congratulations to all players! Thank you for participation in tournament and see you in the future!

Date: 14/05/2020
Author: 4Bidden

Season #4 - Started!

Hello People!

All matches are prepared. You can start playing your games.

Check out additional channels on discord server for 2v2 and 3v3 like ‘arrange’, ‘matches’ for more info. If you have a problem send a message to me or on general channel ‘chat’.

From now on every sunday we are going to play 3v3 league, dont forget about that!

Good luck & Have a fun!

Date: 9/03/2020
Author: 4Bidden

Season #4 - let's go!

Time to start the next season, so you can SIGN UP on our discord server until somewhere in the middle of March 8th of March.

We agreed on 3 modes that you can pick from:

  • 1v1 instagib
  • 2v2 tdm
  • 3v3 tdm

Nobody force you to play all of them, since you can choose only those you like. For 3v3 tdm to start, we need at least 18 players. I hope we are going to get lots of people and see you on discord.

Date: 19/02/2020
Author: 4Bidden

Welcome and thank you!

Today is the day, when I have created website for our favourite league Wspolna Scena!
Many people said that would be nice to have website, so here we go. I am still thinking about design but I’ve got something already. I hope it looks good for you just for now. Gonna add some informations and obviously all screenshots and demos from previous seasons. We want to start next season #4 in March/April but, I belive March is better option. Nobody wants to wait that long right?

We are going to have two game modes which is: 2v2 and 3v3. Maybe more but for these we are sure.

See you on the servers!

Date: 14/02/2020
Author: 4Bidden